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Local dealer Discount Forklift announces record sales


Local dealer Discount Forklift announces record sales

DENVER, CO, January 2018 -- Discount Forklift, one of the nation’s premier forklift dealers, finished 2017 with over $6.5 million in Sales, growing by 30% year-over-year and surpassing their 2016 total by over $1.5 million.

Discount Forklift has been in operation for 10 years, consistently improving both their offerings and their business model. Despite rumors and exaggerated reports to the contrary, Discount Forklift has continued to grow sales, profits and employee numbers while delivering a high-quality product to their customers. When asked about the report, Owner and CEO Brian Firkins shared the following: “I couldn’t be more pleased with my team and their efforts. Growing a 10-year old company by 30% is stunning, but with the folks I have working with me, I never expect anything less than the best.”

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