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Calculating youre lift capacity!

Do you need to know the lifting capacity for your forklift?

OSHA Field Calculation of Safe Load Capacity
The stated capacity of a forklift only applies to the load center indicated on the data plate. If the load is not centered at the specified position, the forklift’s capacity will be reduced. Loads come in all shapes and sizes, not just symmetrical boxes. The load size, position, and weight distribution critically affect the forklift’s capacity and the stability of the truck
Measure your loads length parallel to where the forks slide trough. Divide that number in half. That is your actual “Load Center.”
Fill in the blanks below…


Take 24 divided by your actual load center.
The number you get, you will multiply that times the stated max capacity of the forklift you are considering.
Use the formula below.
24 in/____ in x __, 000 lb. = _______ lb.(approximate safe load capacity)
Example: 24? /30 ” (Your Load Center) x 5,000lb cap forklift = 4,000lb (approximate safe load capacity)


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