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5 Conditions of forklifts we may have!

5 conditions of a forklift!

It is important to know the 5 conditions a forklift could be in! At Discount Forklift® , we know that an educated customer can make better decisions. That’s why we wanted to make your Denver forklift rental or purchase easier by providing you with this resource page. Whether you need a new rough terrain forklift or a good used lift for heavy work in your warehouse environment, please use this resources page as it will help you become familiar with lift conditions and what to look for.


We use these terms to determine the quality of the forklift we are offering you. If you have received a quote from Discount Forklift®, you will notice on the the last page we indicate the condition that the forklift will be in at the end of the process, this changes as a lift goes through our process and this could also change the price. Think about buying a lift before paint and body to save some money!

In this discussion, you will learn what these terms mean, and you, the buyer, will be more educated as to what we are offering you. You will also know what to look for when buying your new or used forklifts.

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