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This contains Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Used Forklifts; here we will post the most commonly asked questions and answers about Used Forklifts.  Just click on a questions below.

If you did not find the answer you are looking for, contact one of our equipment experts as we have materials and information readily availible to help guide you through your forklift purchase!

  • Is a forklift going to make my life easier and my business more productive?
  • Is it going to do what I want it to do? Will it lift enough weight? Will the forks lift high enough?
  • Where do these forklifts come from?
  • Is my forklift going to start when I need it to? Will it be dependable?
  • Am I getting a good price from you or paying too much?
  • Do you have a calculation I can use to calculate my lifting capacity needs?
  • I hear the batteries can easily cost approx. $5,000+?
  • Are electric forklifts bad to buy?
  • Do used forklifts have warranties?
  • Do forklifts have titles?
  • Can I trust the Hour Meter on a forklift?
  • How long will a forklift last?
  • Do forklifts have Odometers like cars?
  • Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything
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